Reuse | Read | Recycle


At its core, Bookbarn is all about recycling and using resources sustainably. Our cafe advocates eating green and works with local vendors to create their brilliant menu of food, our books live multiple lives; whether they came to us new or secondhand, they often find their way back and make the journey through our warehouse over and over, thanks to our donations and recycling service. We think the cycle doesn’t ever have to end – there’s always a new place for a book after each individual has finished with it, and if it really is on its very last legs, we’ll send it off with our specialist recycling service, to become something altogether new and exciting.

With all that said, we’d like to remind you of an initiative that we launched last year, and that we’re hoping will reach new heights as we move forward as a business. Our Reuse, Read, Recycle campaign began as a way to let all of you know what really matters to us here – reducing our waste and running our business in the most sustainable and green way that we can. As it continues to grow, we have carried out a business-wide environmental audit, relayed our entire shop using recycled wood and secondhand furniture, and have been exploring new ways to package and deliver our books globally that will reduce our carbon footprint.



Our most recent push on recycling has been our donations and collections service. We have been travelling about the UK, picking up books from houses, libraries, sheds, garages and more, and bringing them back to our warehouse to give them a new lease of life. We’ve also made donating even easier by putting two large crates made from recycled pallets in the middle of our shop – our very own book drop off station, and added new incentives for our customers to do so.

We’re sharing this information with you to let you know that we are always trying to be better and do better, and we welcome your kindness and your support as customers, as you help us to achieve these things. Each time you bring your books to us instead of throwing them away, or buy a book from us in store or online, you are helping to keep that cycle of sustainability going.

If you’d like to stay up to date with all of our goings on and new initiatives and opportunities, sign up to our newsletter here. To donate books or ask about collections, email our team at

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